Blair Scholarships

The deadline has now passed. Thank you to all who submitted!

In an unrelenting effort to support donor relations professionals' growth amid the ongoing pandemic, we are excited to announce we are now accepting applications for our 14th Annual Sheryl A. Blair Scholarships

Blair scholarships will cover the cost of up to 17 registrations for the ADRP 2021 (virtual) International Conference.

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Eligibility Requirements

 Eligible applicants must:

  1. Be an ADRP member
  2. Hold a position focused mainly on donor relations or stewardship
  3. Wish to participate in the ADRP 2021 Annual International Conference

Before applying, please carefully review the difference between the "Newcomer" and "Experienced Professional" categories:

Newcomer: Has been in current position for fewer than two years and worked in a fundraising, development, or advancement capacity for fewer than four years.

Experienced Professional: Has been in current position for more than two years and worked in a fundraising, development, or advancement capacity for more than four years.

Note: Priority will be given to those applicants whose attendance at the 2021 ADRP International Conference is their only opportunity for professional development for the year.

Selection Details

The Blair Scholarship Committee will review applications after submissions close.  Applicants will be notified of their status by mid-August. 

Selected Applicants

Recipients will receive admission to the ADRP 2021 18th Annual International Conference, taking place online September 22–24.

Application Preparation

Please consider the following questions in preparation for submitting your application. Written questions have a limit of 300 words. 

  1. Nominee/nominator contact information (name, title, address, phone, email)
  2. Organization name, type, size
  3. Experience level (years in donor relations, years in current position)
  4. Membership and volunteer status
  5. Background: Share your story and describe how your educational and professional background experience have led you to your current role
  6. Statement of financial need: Has COVID-19 impacted your employment status or your ability to participate in professional development opportunities? Please include details of resource constraints, loss of income due to furlough/lay-offs, contract losses, and other financial distress due to COVID-19.
  7. If you are a current ADRP member, would not receiving this scholarship affect your membership status?
  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion part of your personal and work mission?
  9. How will you bring a diverse perspective to ADRP?
  10. Challenges/opportunities: What challenges and/or opportunities do you or the stewardship/donor relations program at your organization face? How would an ADRP membership help you address these challenges/take advantage of these opportunities?
  11. Future aspirations: Where do you hope your career will take you?

2020 Sheryl A. Blair Scholarship Recipients

Devin Dunivent, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation
Flora Fox, University of Miami
Cheryl January, CJP
Dana Lackore, Medical College of Wisconsin
Rosie Tarlton, Butler University
Sidney Tolani, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Hildee Wilson, University of Miami

Thank You for your generous support of the Blair Scholarships