Big World = Networking

This year has changed a lot in how we connect with each other. Technology has bridged the gap that distance can create. Now we can make connections in a second and continue to build on these relationships. How can you make these connections at the ADRP Big World, Big Ideas Conference?

  1. Join the mentorship program! If you’re an experienced professional, the mentorship program offers opportunities to share the wisdom you have gained through years of experience. New to donor relations? Get paired with someone who can guide you through your new journey and learn how to be the best in stewardship.
  2. Connect with others from around the world! This year, with a digital conference, there are even more chances to share in the ways people are recognizing generosity on a global level.
  3. Stay connected! The unique part of joining a virtual conference is making quick connections, but already having the resources to stay connected. Share contact information and know that this is the perfect chance to keep your network growing, even beyond the conference.

Big Ideas = Career Benefits

Through the pandemic, we have learned how to connect, engage, and inspire each other using technology. The Big World, Big Ideas conference is no different! When you join us at the conference, you will have many opportunities to gain more Big Ideas:

  1. The past year and a half have pushed many organizations to reevaluate how they connect with donors. Hear from them and what they have learned. Then, take these ideas and learn how you can continue to make an impact through your work.
  2. During this time, topics have come forward that we all must address and use to change our missions for the better. Hear from other organizations about relevant topics such as DEI and staying connected through COVID and how you can integrate them into your work.
  3. Through presentations, keynotes, networking, and more, you will have the opportunity to learn about how to grow in your career. You can find your next steps, whether it’s building your impact where you are or finding your dream career. There is always something to learn from others to help you evolve as a professional. Together we will face the New Normal with confidence and enthusiasm!

We hope you are convinced how impactful the Big World, Big Ideas conference can be for you and your organization. Register today individually or with a group!