Welcome to the 18th Annual International Conference

This Year's Theme is Big World, Big Ideas

Welcome to the 18th Annual ADRP International Conference. This year’s theme is Big World, Big Ideas. What a year it has been for our members and our organizations! We have learned a lot from our many challenges and have so many big (and small!) ideas to share with each other.

The conference will be virtual again this year and will showcase a new level of experience over three full days.  We will be utilizing a platform beyond Zoom! Virtual delivery allows us to reach a wider audience, offering greater inclusivity and embodying the ADRP mission. 

COVID-19 has impacted our work in small and big ways, but it also helped us focus on our core missions and what could be done better or differently. Our flexibility and adaptability have been tested to their limits this year.

Come join your peers and learn about creative solutions to all your donor relations challenges—and opportunities for growth and stronger efforts in every aspect of your work. No matter what phase you are in your career or at your organization, there will be plenty to learn and share about optimally weathering an extraordinary year with tenacity and grit. We will also have extensive networking opportunities so you can connect with your fellow Stewies both formally and informally.

ADRP is staunchly committed to a vision that is centered on diversity, inclusion, equity, and access, so you will observe this in all aspects of the virtual conference.