Keynote Speaker: Desiree Adaway

Desiree Adaway


Desiree Adaway, founder and principal of the Adaway Group, is one of the nation’s preeminent DEI consultant-facilitators with over 25 years of experience creating, leading, and managing international multicultural teams in 40 countries through major organizational change.

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Keynote Presentation:
Beyond Diversity

This 90-minute interactive session will get you beyond doing “diversity” to creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusivity. We'll dig into shared language around inclusion and racial equity. Including the Liberatory Consciousness Model by Dr. Barbara Love. We’re going to take a deep dive into how power operates personally and systemically across the cycle of socialization and why that is critical when doing this work.
Using a race equity framework we’ll explore examples of how we reinforce oppressive practices and power dynamics (both implicitly and explicitly) and ways we can break through and transform as individuals and communities.