Keynote Speaker: Tyler Riewer

Tyler Riewer


Tyler Riewer is the creative director at charity: water. He leads a brilliant team of designers and storytellers who are working hard to reinvent charity. Prior to joining the c:w team in 2013, he spent eight years working in advertising, creating content for brands like Red Bull, Nike, and A&E. Charity: water uses data and storytelling to connect donors to their impact and dream up new ways to think about sustainability in the water sector. As of today, they’ve funded 64,081 projects to bring clean and safe water to 12,635,591 people around the world.

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Keynote Presentation:
Where do good stories come from?

Powerful and authentic storytelling has never been more important for brands. With so much content out there, how do we compete? The world is full of professional storytellers who have bigger audiences and much bigger budgets. How do we stand out? How do we even show up? After eight years in advertising and eight years of traveling the world, telling stories on behalf of charity: water, Tyler Riewer has learned a few lessons, which he will share during this tactical talk.