Keynote Speaker: Vu Le


Vu Le (“voo lay”) is an internationally known and experienced keynote speaker and nonprofit leader who has given over 100 keynote presentations. He talks about a variety of subjects: Nonprofit funding, challenges, the Overhead Myth, the Sustainability Myth, equity, diversity, the Nonprofit Hunger Games, collaboration, collective impact, zombie apocalypse, community engagement, organizational culture, why nonprofit professionals are so awesome, how to stave off burnout, lessons nonprofits can learn from various TV shows, etc. He brings humor, insight, and probably five or more wacky stories to every keynote he gives. He strives to make each one unique to the audience. Sometimes this includes pictures of baby animals.

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Keynote Presentation:
About a Bolder Sector: Unlocking Nonprofit and Philanthropy's Potential to Change the World

The pandemic and society's reckoning with systemic racism have highlighted the vital role that nonprofit and philanthropy play. We lift up families and strengthen communities, and we do this while enduring countless barriers, including lack of resources, restrictions on the funds we do find, society's unrealistic expectations, and the constant comparisons to for-profits. What would it take for us to unlock our full potential? What philosophies and practices must we abandon or adopt? It is time for us to be bold, shake the table, embrace discomfort, and summon the courage we need to create an equitable and vibrant world.