ADRP 2021 Service Project

Partners In Health

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.”
- Dr. Paul Farmer, PIH co-founder

At Partners In Health, we believe quality health care is a universal human right. We are a global health and social justice organization that helps provide high-quality care first to those who need it most. We strive to ease suffering, and so our model of care delivers the benefits of modern medicine as well as access to food, transportation, housing, and other key components of healing. In this way, we directly serve those who have suffered from the overt and subtle injustices of the world, in the past and in the present. We refuse to accept that any life is worth less than another.

As COVID-19 impacted the communities we support, we responded to the pandemic and remained steadfast in our commitment to provide lifesaving care, to build capacity and strengthen health systems, and to educate the next generation of global health leaders. Our work continues to grow and deepen across programs in 11 countries, where PIH and partners provide direct care and support to millions of patients. Thank you for learning more about PIH and accompanying us as we bring hope and health across the globe.

This year’s conference theme of Big World, Big Ideas inspired us to collaborate with an organization that has an impact at the international level. Mindful that many of our members and their communities have been effected by the pandemic, we felt that it would be most à propos to choose an organization grounded in health services with a social justice approach to their work. ADRP looks forward to working with other member organizations on future service projects.

Three Ways You Can Support Partners In Health

1. Donate

As part of this service project, we invite you to make a donation. PIH relies on individual donations to sustain our work as we partner with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities to provide high-quality health care as a human right. We have set up a giving page for ADRP members and will be tracking what we raise together until September 30th. Partners In Health will use your gift where it is needed most, providing items and services such as those listed below:

Donate Now
  • $10 could cover the cost of one set of personal protective equipment, which clinicians use to stay safe while caring for COVID-19 patients.
  • $25 could provide a newborn exam, giving a baby the specialized care every infant needs to thrive.
  • $40 could support an ambulance ride to the hospital, when emergency strikes and every second counts.
  • $60 could give prenatal care to an expectant mother to ensure her pregnancy stays safe.
  • $100 could deliver 10 community health workers kits, packed with essential tools for home visits.
  • $400 could provide a malnourished child with enough care and calorie-rich therapeutic food to set them on the path to health and happiness. 

2. Mail a Message

PIH acts on the belief that the best way to guarantee high-quality, dignified care is to rely upon and invest in local health systems. The organization does just that in Haiti, where it was founded 30+ years ago. When a magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck Haiti on August 14, PIH jumped into action, partnering with the Haitian government and other local organizations to save lives and rebuild communities and the overall health system. Now, you have a chance to thank those on the front lines—doctors, nurses, community health workers, pharmacists, drivers, cooks, cleaners, and so many more—who are working each day to help others and save lives, despite enormous challenges and loss. We will be collecting messages of encouragement and thanks until September 30, and will then send them to our colleagues in Haiti as we enter the holiday season.

Goal: 200 messages of gratitude
Message: General note of thanks and gratitude
Languages: English, French, Haitian Creole

Send messages by September 30 to:

Partners In Health
c/o Connor Zimmerman
800 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02119

3. Book Drive for patients in Sierra Leone

Ship books between September 20 and October 1 to: 

Zanmi Beni
6201 Riviera Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

In Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, Partners In Health provides comprehensive support to two specialized hospitals: Lakka Government Hospital, Sierra Leone’s only dedicated tuberculosis facility and the first place in the country to offer treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; and Sierra Leone Psychiatric Teaching Hospital (SLPTH), the oldest psychiatric facility in Sub Saharan Africa and the country’s only dedicated mental health care facility. In the last few years, care has improved dramatically at Lakka and SLPTH, thanks to partnership between PIH and Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health to invest in hospital infrastructure, clinical training, supply chain for drugs and medical equipment, and more. These hospitals, once rundown and widely feared, with little ability to provide effective health care, are now seeing more patients than ever before. Lakka even cures patients of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at a rate higher than the global average.

Still, there remains much to improve—including the experience of those receiving inpatient care. In Sierra Leone, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, Lakka and SLPTH receive patients who are not only severely ill, but commonly also abandoned by their families and living with little to no resources for basic survival, let alone for self-care and growth. One of the next crucial steps to providing the level of high-quality health care every person deserves is ensuring these patients have outlets for learning, diversion, and inspiration while their bodies heal, often enduring treatment regimens that are grueling both physically and mentally.

As part of this effort, we are collecting new and gently-used books to create libraries at Lakka and SLPTH. Given the range of patients admitted to the hospital—of all ages and education levels, with an even wider variety of interests—all types of books are welcome, from textbooks to novels to young adult and picture books.

We are extremely grateful for your support creating these libraries, which we believe will deepen patients’ abilities to heal and support their overall wellbeing.